Wildwyck River Camp 

Saugerties, ny

WILDWYCK is a new vision of the fast-growing   experiential tourism market.

An elegant union of rustic simplicity and refined comfort.

A property that features trails, ponds, farm, orchards, and a destination restaurant & bar

A venue and exhibition platform that engages with the surrounding community

A nexus and informal incubator for young creative talent, through a Resident Artist program

The charm of a small village; the intimacy of an old, fully-staffed country house. 

The 'Main House’ (pictured) will include a communal hall, spa, and exhibition space – 14 courtyard-facing ‘guest rooms’, and a free-standing restaurant, all positioned around a natural swimming pond

16 independent ‘cabins’and 5 two-room ‘cottage’ accommodations will dot the woods and offer sweeping views of the Hudson River.